Salvaging your Independence with Portable Power Wheelchairs

There are thousands of individuals who experience fresh disabilities yearly due to health conditions, surgery or accidents. These misfortunes result in traumatic changes within the person’s life style including the loss their independence as well as their physical mobility. Should you be one of these people then a portable powered wheelchair can assist you in regaining your lost freedom.

Years ago those people who required motorized wheelchairs had to purchase the chair with their personal funds. The Insurance companies refused to reimburse these people for those medical devices. Similarly Medicaid and Medicare also failed to approve the funds for these purchases.

This situation has now changed. With the new benefit provisions of the insurance companies today most will pay for these vital pieces of equipment. In addition, many government healthcare agencies will finance a noteworthy portion of the cost for people with chronic and disabling health conditions.

There are many people that are eligible for the power wheelchairs. Those applications from people who may experience the peril of falling or that may be shaky on their feet usually are approved without question by the insurance organizations. Should you encounter breathing ailments as emphysema it is certain that you may be approved. Those individuals who suffer from muscular diseases or arthritis frequently receive the necessary assistance for the purchase of a wheelchair.

As soon as you receive your benefit approval from your health care provider you may begin researching and looking for a chair of your choice. If you are the type of person who enjoys traveling or you like to be active then a portable wheelchair may be your best solution. Portable chairs run on battery packs and can usually go for up to 15 miles prior to being recharged.

The portable wheelchair is well suited for the college bound student who desires to be independent in getting from one side of the campus to the other while pursuing their education. Often times these young people who are wheelchair dependent possess disabilities which would preclude wheeling themselves around. Since these chairs are battery powered they are no longer reliant upon caregivers or other students to push them around the campus.

The speed of powered wheelchairs is generally from four and up to eight mph. Some are capable of climbing curbs or perhaps navigating riders along winding or narrow routes. Most portable chairs are reasonably priced, ranging approximately around $1,200. Due to the number of companies which offer these chairs for sale the competition has created various incentives being offered for you to purchase their chair. These offers can include things like best price guarantee or warranties on the frames and the various electronics components.

Through the help of technology disabled people have the opportunity to remain independent through the use of portable powered wheelchairs. If you happen to be a disabled person don’t let your disability interfere with your chances of realizing your dreams.

Copyright @2008 Joseph Parish